What is Enhance?

The ENHANCE Program is a holistic initiative utilising The Change Room and Career Management Services (CMS) to make it easy for injured workers to return to health, return to life and return to work. This end-to-end program will assist in helping people get motivated, enabling them to get their lives back together and re-engaging them in paid and meaningful (whether with existing employer or to transition to new employment).

What is The Change Room?

A program to provide injured workers with interventions to improve their physical, mental and psychosocial capacities and return to functional life. This program helps support participants with their motivation, to reengage with their purpose in life giving them easy to apply tools and a better path to assist a sustainable recovery, and improve their health and well-being.

Who are CMS?

Career transition specialists that make it easy to achieve better RTW outcomes. Experts in the current job market, CMS can engage and empower injured workers to optimise career choices and opportunities, enabling them to have the best life possible through the benefits of meaningful work and a sense of purpose. CMS provide one-on-one services utilising recruitment expertise , market insights, and tailored coaching to give a competitive advantage in the market. CMS help workers get to the “front of the line” and expedite outcomes back into paid work.

Who is Suitable?

Anyone that needs help, or would value some more help and motivation to get their recovery back on track and whose goal is to get back into employment. There are no restrictions on; age, injury type and gender, however as some of the sessions are in a group environment, the participants will need to be able to participate / not be disruptive in a group environment.

How is this different to what I’m doing already?

It’s simple, this program works to get you the best outcome. We want to make it easier for you to access the best possible support to get back to health and back into the workforce in a role that you enjoy. One of the key aspects of the ENHANCE program is that you have a team of people all working together to support you through this process. There is regular and consistent communication with your insurer and treating specialists to ensure that you always feel supported.

What Outcome Should I Expect?

What we know is that people who attend The Change Room come out with a plan, along with the necessary support to get back to health. We also know that CMS are a career coaching organisation that have received some of the highest industry return to work outcomes from their ability to help people find employment opportunities that suit their skills and capabilities. Allowing both organisations to work together with your insurer and treating specialists will give you confidence that you have the best possible team working for you.

What is included in the ENHANCE program?

The Change Room

The Change Room – LIVE is a 2 day face-to-face live program with The Change Room performance coaches and specialist mentors at iconic NSW venues. The program provides participants with the tools to recover their physical, mental and emotional health and rediscover their life’s purpose.

Course Inclusion

  • 2 days of face-to-face live sessions with The Change Room Mentors at iconic venues.
  • Participant Welcome Pack
  • Takeaway grass-fed & chemical-free Food Pack (Valued at $150+)
  • 6 weeks of wellbeing content, including bonus podcasts, videos, and challenges with mentors.
  • 2 x Personal Wellbeing coaching sessions
  • Breakfast & Lunch provided

Program Outcomes

  • Stronger, more consistent sleep patterns
  • Reduction in medication dependency
  • Reduced pressure on injuries through weight management
  • Improved social, emotional & mental wellbeing
  • Increased engagement in other treatment and treating practitioners.
  • Motivation to commit to long-term wellbeing improvements
  • Minimizing the risk of secondary health conditions such as diabetes, depression, anxiety & migraines


The Change Room – CONNECT is an Online version of the above program designed for individuals recovering from injury through 6-weeks of interactive live webinars and support resources and content.


CMS Optimise

The CMS OPTIMISE Bespoke Program is highly tailored to suit the requirements of each individual. Participants will be assigned to an experienced career consultant to assess their needs and provide the most effective strategy dependent on their situation, background and goals. Career support will be provided utilising recruitment expertise and reverse engineering the job seeking process to provide comprehensive support and competitive advantage to have certainty, confidence and success in the job market. Services may include:

  • Career Assessment – (not a Vocational Assessment however we can assist with potential career opportunities for a Vocational Assessment.)
  • Professionally written branding documents
  • Covering letters
  • Resumes
  • Introductory Letters
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Key Selection criteria
  • Interview and Career Coaching
  • Comprehensive interview coaching
  • Assistance with Job Searching & Applications
  • Confidence Building; Motivate/Encourage Return to Work Activities; Provide Support & Advice in relation to job offers, employment contract and salary negotiations.

How will you work with my current doctor / treating specialists?

The ENHANCE team meet regularly to ensure that we are all across your progress and direction. Your QBE case manager will liaise with your doctor and treating specialists and/or arrange times to come together as a group.

I’d like to know a bit more about the program?

Sure thing, just ask your case manager and they will get one of the ENHANCE team to give you a call and step you through any of the questions you may have.

How can I get on this program?

It’s super simple, just speak to you case manager at QBE and they will handle the referral process for you.
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Want to know more? Contact CMS on

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